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Welcome to Siam SEAS – Siam Seas is a company that creates natural beauty products from Thailand using herbs, fruits, plants, and flowers indigenous to Southeast Asia, in an effort to introduce the highest quality spa products to the American market.  It’s different because it’s made by hand not machine. At Siam Natural we believe in the power of nature and the secrets in each herb that have been passed on through the centuries.

 “The soap scents are fantastic. I really like how it moisturizes my skin especially during the winter season. It makes my skin feel great!” – Shane, NYC

 ” Your products are amazing! My skin and I are hooked. I’ve been telling everyone about Siam SEAS and I have no doubt the products will make seriously great gifts. The scrubs are delicious, the body butter is heavenly, and the scrumptious smell makes me want to eat the stuff! Wonderful products!” – Beatriz , CA

We take pride in the uniqueness, variety, and high quality of our products. It is our goal to introduce you to the wholesomeness and natural quality of a Southeast Asian spa treatment to your everyday.

In today’s market, big manufacturers replace essential ingredients with cheap alternatives because they are easier to obtain. Your promise from Siam Natural Soap is that we want to make a difference by bringing back the power of the earth. We believe in a natural way of living. It is our deep desire to introduce this vast new market to the unique herbs of Southeast Asia.