Love Notes

“MEKHA Cleanser is like made for me. Not only it improves my skin but also my mood. Love it so much” – Anet, FR


I just purchased a full size of your Elements Beauty Balm from Aurora Beauty after receiving a sample of it.  It’s the only balm I ever want to use now!  I have pretty nice and balanced skin as it is (no acne) so it takes a lot for a product to “wow” me.  I use just a tiny amount of your balm at night and I kid you not, my skin looks plump, hydrated, even (no redness) and most of all, my pores around my nose look less noticeable.  This is one of the few balms I’ve used that doesn’t clog my pores as I’m prone to blackheads. I just want to spread the love and share with you how happy I am to be using this product.”- Lauren, USA



“Thank you for creating such wonderful, effective products.  I’ve struggled with acne for a long time. It’s exacerbated by lack of sleep, stress, and hormones especially now that I’m finishing my PhD.  Although I’ve used good products in the past, yours are simply amazing! In the past 2 weeks, my skin has significantly improved in texture, hydration, and tone.  Not only are my breakouts diminishing, but my skin looks healthy.

I’ve begun to incorporate all of your products into my daily regimen.  I started out with just the beauty balm and have since added the serum and mangosteen scrub. I love them all!” -Euny, USA


“Hi there, I just wanted to reach out to tell you how much I love your Mangosteen Scrub. My skin has been feeling overly congested lately and this product has worked wonders on my skin to get it back to normal” –  Kim, USA


“hi supadra, I have to let you know your products are really helping my skin through a bad time. The serum is helping change my skin overnight – I run to the mirror as soon as I wake up to inspect the improvement. Truly healing a bad breakout I had. Now just to deal with the aftermath” – Diana, USA


“I have been using the BeCalm Serum very consistently. I am in love. My skin also loves it. It has calmed any type of redness I may get and soothes. I used it quite often while I had bad sunburn and this was PERFECT thing for it. I used it while I would bathe in the tub, I use it it all over my body as well. I adore this serum” – Gabrielle, USA


“I’ve only used them for one day but they are by far the best natural shampoo and conditioner that I’ve tried and believe me I’ve tried them all.  They all seemed to leave my hair weighted down never felt fully clean.  Your product didn’t do any of that.  It actually made my hair feel like it used to when I used non-natural commercial products, clean and very healthy looking” – Debbie, USA


” What this balm and the mask really did for me…they cleared up my skin, like no other skincare before. I think I got some life quality back. I hated my hormonal acne so much, but now I feel free. (If this makes sense) Wish you all the best lovely Supadra” – Sandra, Austria


“Your mask, night serum and balm rescued me like NOTHING else did! We need to talk because the effect was nothing short of amazing! I tried everything I own and nothing helped like yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Sarita, USA


Just wanted to let you know quickly as well that I am absolutely LOVING the balm and serum!!! It’s doing wonders for my skin and is all I’m using at the moment so that I can really gauge its efficacy. I  had a day or two of what seemed like adjustment but then that went over and now my skin is just soft, even and nourished. Your balm is really quite something else…I love how it sinks into the skin almost immediately and doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a balm at all! And the combo with the serum in the evening just completely cocoons my skin leaving it super baby soft! I’m sad to be running out soon!” – Nick, Sweden.


“The BeCalm Serum smells amazing and the balm is so herbaceous and heavenly. I love it!”  – Yenny, USA


“Just wanted to send a quick email to say how much i LOVE Siam Seas! the packaging is so beautiful it makes it hard to open! My hair has been in dying need of something, I have always had pretty long dark hair, after experimenting with going blonder , & in terrible need of a haircut , my hair has just been in bad shape, the shampoo worked wonders after just ONE wash!!! i used just the shampoo alone to see how my hair felt after and not enough good words, such a hit !!!!! I love each and every fragrance , the balm is beautiful, the serum – omg! I am so honored to share Siam Seas with everyone, you have truly made magic happen !!- Jaci, USA


“My skin is in love with the purifying mask and scrub.  I have used the scrub as censer everyday!” –  Krissy, USA


” The balm got to me in perfect condition and I’m LOVING it. So gorgeous and I’m see a real difference on my skin. Thank you so much!” – Lola, USA


“Absolutely in love with Siam SEAS. You can feel all the creator’s love, passion and deep knowledge. I have been using the SEAS Elements Balm  and BeCalm Serum every night about a month now. It helps my inflammation and hydrate me skin. Such a beautiful experience” – Annette, France


“Every time I use the mangosteen facial scrub, my face is brightening and glowing!” – Tracy, Singapore


“Thank you for sharing your wonderful creation with all of us. I love theturmeric and thanaka scrub and packaging is so beautiful” – Amy, USA 


“The scrub I’m using and LOVING is the Noni & Honey Herbal Body Scrub. I’M OBSESSED with it. I had a dry patch of skin on my arm and it’s now gone …. AMAZING. I got out of the shower the other day and thought, it would be great if she had lotions too. And now I find out that you do. Incredible, woman!!!” – Cynthia


“My face is extremely sensitive and prone to eczema also and I have to be very careful with the products I use. I’ve tried scrubs by Laura Mercier, La Mer, La Prairie and Shiseido to name a few. All are fantastic products but not for me since any active ingredient will trigger an eczema outbreak on my face. I have been using the honey facial scrub once a week for the last 6 weeks and I haven’t had an eczema outbreak yet. I will definitely be ordering all my scrubs from Siam SEAS from now on” – Gina


“After using the facial cleansing bar for a week now — my face feels like my daughter’s. Totally amazing and I have hardly any makeup on. Thank you for sharing your amazing product. Can’t wait for the next new thing you come up with” – Karen


“Wow! Just wow! I finally tried face & body scrub and I absolutely love it! I can’t believe the texture and how wonderful it leaves my skin feel 🙂 I’m in LOVE!!! ♥” – Sunny


“Been showing off my sample to friends…and they all just love the smells of the soaps and lotions! And I will use the honey facial scrub for the rest of my life!” -Melissa


“I keep a bar of Siam Seas soap at my desk just to smell it! Amazing!” -Gail


“I was lucky  enough to receive a sample of the herbal mask and want to say it is has made my skin look and feel so nice.  I have extremely sensitive skin and was a little worried at first but had no reaction at fact  it is so calming to my skin … I even use all over as a treat to my skin to get that glow..” – Patty


“I started using Siam Seas Soap approximately 9 months ago and I can tell you I will be using it for the rest of my life. In today’s world, few people in America know what it is like to use something without chemicals or preservatives. I have always had oily acne prone skin and once I started using Siam Natural soap, my breakouts were fewer and my skin doesn’t feel dry, even on days where I may shower more than once. Add in the natural yet not overpowering scents and you have a soap that not only makes your skin feel good, it makes showering a refreshing experience one looks forward to” – John


“OH EM GEEE! Your products are amazing! My skin and I are hooked. I’ve been telling everyone about Siam SEAS and I have no doubt the products will make seriously great Christmas gifts. The scrubs are delicious, the body butter is heavenly, and the scrumptious smell makes me want to eat the stuff! Wonderful products!” – Beatriz


“I absolutely love the coconut scrub.  I love the way it makes my face feel and it smells soooo good, I feel like eating it.   I love the way your products are packaged, very earthly and beautiful. I will definitely order more stuff”  -Cynthia